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Restore-Clean-Polish-Plate Tailgate Chains


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Restore* your Tailgate Chains.


Cost $75.00 + Shipping


*Restore...We take them down to raw metal. We polish and striaghten as good as possible but some deep dings and scratches are not completely removed. While they are not perfect they are very nice and look great with the clear plastic cover tubes which prevent damage to the paint.

Tailgate Chains Restoration Process


  • Remove all grease and dirt

  • Remove nuts and washers

  • Place in Vibratory Tumbler with Sand as Media 

  • After 24 Hours remove from Vibratory Tumbler

  • Media Blast off any remaining Rust

  • Straighten Main Link

  • Polish Latch with 3M Deburring Wheel

  • Place in Vibratory Tumbler with Ceramic Polishing Media (8 Hours)

  • Electroless Nickel Plating with .0005" Thickness

  • Install new Rubber Bumper

  • Install New Stainles Steel Acorn Nut

  • Install Clear Plastic Cover Tubes to prevent paint damage


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