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Restoration Options offers several restoration options. Some customers may want a show job with many modern upgrades. Others may want to stay very much stock or mostly stock with some upgrades. I personally like stock or stock with upgrades but I want the trucks to look original. That's just my preference. Whatever your preference is, we can build it. Below is a description of "Weekend Driver Restoration" and more options.

The Weekend Driver Option


  • Remove Fenders, Cab, Box from Frame

  • Pressure Wash Frame, Axels etc.

  • Apply Rust Doctor(TM) to Complete Chassis

  • New Brakes and Tires

  • Detail/Fix Motor and Transmission

  • New Wiring Harness

  • New Upholstery

  • New Windows and Seals

  • New Single Stage Paint 

  • New Bed Wood

  • New Stainless Steel Bolt Kit

  • New Mirrors

  • New Gas Tank

  • New Hub Caps

  • Each part is evaluated for restoration or replacement.

  • Repair/Service/Replace Steering Components Etc.

  • Repair Rust through* holes with patch panels, sheetmetal Etc.

  • New Light Lenses, Bumpers Etc.


This "Weekend Driver Restoration" is for those who want a very nice driver. It is not a show restoration but is very nice. We take your truck apart and re-assemble with new bolts. Rust is treated with RUST DOCTOR which then becomes an impervious black coating against water/moisture. Rust thru holes* are fixed with sheetmetal and all body parts are made straight (better than new in most cases). Many new parts are used. Some are restored. You end up with Very Beautiful Driver.


  *Rust through is limited to cab corners and common places. Pictures of the rust through will be needed to confirm the cost is inline with our price.


What about Quality?


I treat your truck as if it is mine. If I like it, I believe you will like it too. After all the name is Randy'

More Restoration Options Available


  • Power Steering

  • Power Brakes

  • Upgraded Suspension

  • 2 Stage Paint

  • Upgraded Steering Columns

  • Modernize Dash Board Gauges

  • More Stainless

  • More Chrome

  • Modern Wheels

  • Fancier Upholtery

  • Tinted Windows

  • Power Windows

  • Etc, etc..


Randy' can custom build your truck. If you are interested in a quote please feel free to email us

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