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Painting Hood Emblems

After re-chroming we paint the correct color as it came from the factory. In the case of the emblems on this page, they are 1960 Ford Truck. I was able to purchase a NOS emblem with the correct paint color. The local auto paint store used their paint ID instrument to indentify the exact color. Following is the process we used for re-painting after the chrome process.


  • Apply self adhesive rubber to protect non paint chrome.

  • Beadblast area where paint is to be applied.

  • Clean with acetone.

  • Mask and trim with exacto knife.

  • Paint and let bake.

  • Carefully remove masking tape.

  • inspect and use exacto knife to remove any overspray.

Painted and ready to install.

As you know paint does not stick to chrome mirror finishes very well. So we bead blast the designated paint surface to make a rougher surface. Protecting the chrome around the painted area is done by applying adhesive back rubber sheet. This allows the blast media to just bounce off and not effect the chrome.

The FORD letters also needed roughing up for paint adhesion. Instead of media blasting we used a small round rod about the size of a pencil and glued a small piece of 180 grit sand paper. Then we ran it back and forth in the letters creating a rough surface. This was very quick and easy to do. These emblems were masked with the blue edge grip masking tape and then cut out with an Exacto Knife. Using new sharp blades makes this job easier. For good straight lines make sure this operation is done carefully and accurately. SEE PICTURE BELOW.

Compare the two in the picture. One is NOS stock and the other is restored by Can you tell the difference?

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