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In 1970 my x-Stepdad showed up one day, and gave me a 1955 F250. It was a wonderful gift. It had problems. The rear main seal was bad, so it leaked lots of oil. I had just got a part time dishwashing job at Colony Kitchen Restaurant, and was bringing home $70.00 every 2 weeks. I was rich!! I spent the next year fixing up my truck. I installed a Thunderbird 312 cubic inch motor, changed the transmission to a 4 speed, painted it competetion orange at Miracle Auto Painting for $99.00. I re-chromed everything and did general restoration and customizing. In 1971 I got my drivers license, and drove this truck for several years. A few years after I sold it, I was notified it was abondoned on 101 freeway in San Jose. I didn't go get it. I have regretted that decision ever since.


I purchased my first truck in 1969. I was 14 years old. I had worked for Carl Souza, an apricot Farmer whose orchard was behind our house. for several years I cut apricots and picked plums. He would let me drive his 1935 Ford Pickup as we worked in the orchard. I loved that truck. When he sold the orchard I was able to buy the 35' Pickup for $50. I was too young for a drivers license, so I just worked on it and fooled around. I eventually sold it to a guy who made it into a very nice show truck. Problem is I wished I had kept it. And always wanted to get another one. I finally did in 2012. Photo of my new 35 is on                   page.

            1935 Ford Pickup

                     My favorite and my first.

My 1935 Ford Pickup with my friends Gary Gaines and Randy Wofford in 1969. I am on the right.

1955 Ford F250

My first driver and my first restoration

My newly painted 1955 Ford F250

Radiator Springs, Disneyland, CA 2014

In the 1960s and 70s many orchards in Sunnyvale California were being sold for the building of homes. The Knapke Brothers had sold thier apricot and cherry orchard, and was cleaning out the barns and buildings that had been there since the 1880s. I worked for one of the brothers, George Knapke during several of the previous summers. I always noticed the Model T Truck that was under a collapsed building. I investigated and it had a 1941 license plate. It still had part of the windsheild too. I started bugging him about buying it, but his brother Bill owned it. Long story short Bill finally sold it to me for $100. He told me that if we put gas in it and towed it with the forklift it would start. I didn't believe him, but sure enough after sitting 30 years it did start and drive. I was amazed. It was very fun to drive.




1918 Model T Flatbed

I have always loved the old trucks

My 1918 Model T Truck with my friends Keith Richards and Sam Stokes. I am behind the wheel. 1970

1958 GMC Shortbed Fleetside

I wonder where this one is today?

I purchased this 58' GMC from the local mobile home dealer on El Camino Real in Sunnyvale, CA. The price was $600. That was alot of money in 1971. The seller was nice enough to give me monthly payments. This was a nice driver, but had knocking sounds coming from the 6 cylinder motor. Instead of fixing the motor, I purchased a 327 motor out of a Corvette for replacement. Dale Boomgaarden, a 30 year old Hot Rod buddy down the street helped with installing the motor. Sure made a BIG difference in speed. It ran great. I added Anson Sprint wheels and new tires. I drove it for a while, and then sold it. I heard a long time ago it was in Hollister, CA where I now live. I have been looking around but who knows? Cars and trucks move alot.

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