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Installing a Big Back Window is fairly easy. Here is how we do it.


  • Make sure glass is clean. 

  • Orient rubber seal correctly and install around edge of glass-we use duct tape to help hold in place.

  • Next we add stainless steel trim. 

  • Make sure to add the dress clips for the ss trim.

  • Add a 3/16" diameter rope in the installation groove.

  • Spray holding edge on cab with soapy water.

  • Spray mating rubber groove with soapy water.

  • Have 2 people set window against cab window opening and apply presure.

  • Person inside cab pulls rubber lip over metal capture edge.

  • Pull rope slowly, pulling rubber groove edge inside and over the cab's metal capture edge. The rope is especially helpful on the corners.

  • Once the rope is pulled all the way around continue carefully applying pressure to push stainlees trim and rubber in place.

  • Move vehicle out in the sun and let the rubber heat up and use pressure to perfect installation

Installing the 3/16" diameter pull rope.

Installing a Big Back Window (1960 F100)

Rope and stainless steel trim is installed, soapy water has been sprayed. It is ready to install.

Fellow Truck Enthusiasts Jeffrey Dickson and David Griffith helping on the install.

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