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Install Windshield with Stainless Steel Trim (1960 Ford Truck)

Installing the front windshield was similiar to installing the big back window except for one thing. The pull rope we installed in the capture groove was continued two times around so we could pull the rubber over the metal lip two full times. And we definetly needed it twice. Here is how we did installed the windshield.


  • Clean the windshield and install the rubber seal and use duct tape to keep in place.

  • Use soapy water spray to help slide the rubber into place.

  • Once the rubber is in place with tape, add the Stainless Steel Trim.

  • Add the pull rope into the capture groove. We added the pull rope two full times around. Place the beginning of the pull rope at the top middle of the windshield.

  • Spray soapy water on both mating edges to make rubber slide easier.

  • Place in window frame and have 2 people apply pressure against the window from the outside.

  • With pressure from the outside the person inside the cab starts to pull the rope thereby pulling the rubber over the metal capture lip.

  • Continue with pressure and pulling rope until complete. You will see the window fall into place as you pull the rope out

Windshield is installed

Rubber seal in place, pull rope in groove, ready to install

Fellow Classic Truck Enthusiast Jeffrey Dickson working the inside of the windshield.

Example pulling the rubber over the metal capture lip.

Picture Below: Classic truck enthusiasts Kieth Orndoff and David Griffith helping with the windshield installation.

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