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Install Styleside Bed to Frame (1960 F100)

Classic Truck Enthusiast Jeffrey Dickson doing the final tightening of the bed bolts.

We added .040" thick rubber with adhesive back and applied to the 4 areas where the frame and box mount metal to metal.

The blocks are in with 2 sided tape holding them, the bolts have been added and the thin rubber pieces are adhered to the frame. We are ready to lay the bed over horizontal and carry to the frame.

Installing the bed was easy once we had the bolts, wood blocks, etc. Since new bed mount blocks were not available we had to make them. A drawing of the wood mount blocks for the shortbed styleside is available on the Photos and Documents page. In addition to the wood blocks mounting to the frame we also used rubber sheet with self adhesive and applied to the frame where the bed is metal to metal. See below. Also find below a correct list of bolts and washers need to install the bed.

Styleside Shortbed Mount Blocks. Available from or make them yourself. Drawing is posted on our Photos and Documents page.

Hardwood mount block applied with 2 sided tape as an aid to hold it in place when carrying the bed for mounting.

Pressing the block in place and adding the bolt.

Hardware list for mounting 57-60 Ford Styleside Shortbed.


    4ea  Round Head Bolts 7/16-16 x 3" Long

    2ea  Round Head Bolts 7/16-16 x 3.5" Long

    2ea  Hex Head Bolts 7/16-20 x " Long

    8ea  Washers 7/16 ID x 7/8 x 1/16 Thick

    2ea  Nuts 7/16-20

    2ea  Washers 7/16 ID x 1" OD x .070-.080" Thick

    6ea  Nuts 7/16-16

    8ea  7/16 ID Lock Washers

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