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1960 F100 Big Back Window Styleside

This truck looked fairly nice from a distance. Someone had done an amatuer refreshment at some time in the past. But now there were many rust areas under the paint. When we started fixing the rust one of the cab corners fell out. It was repaired some time ago with just body filler. We welded in a new cab corner that we purchased from an online parts supplier. Original tailgates for these trucks (1957-60 and up Fleetside beds) are usually pretty beat up and/or destroyed. I believe that is why so many of these trucks today have no tailgate. I found a brand new never used original tailgate that was taken off a truck for placement of a camper. It was a great find. As of 12-31-13 this truck is ready for paint and should be back from the painter in 4 weeks.

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Pictures Before Restoration

Pictures During Restoration

Assembly Pictures

Finished and Back on the Road

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